SJR 4 EA71 front rt

EA71 4" lift 6 bolt hubs


SJR Buggy1 

New Buggy Prototype, look for kits soon from SJR !!



This is me Wheelin at Walker Valley NW WA Summer 2013


86 3DR Subaru Coupe  has a 6" EA82 Lift with 235/75-15 Bighorn MTs



93 Subaru Impreza 6" SJR Lift  14" rims ,this car started out as a FWD,

I added a EA82 Dualrange and a diff and axle setup

from a Legacy Wagon  





 2002 Impreza 6" Lift  16" rims, 2" spacers on rims
































Wednesday the 16th.
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