6" EJ Lower Lift

6" lower end strut lift " The Game Changer"
6in lower lift sjr
6in lower lift impreza sjr
Sales price: $1,600.00
Sales price without tax: $1,600.00

6" lower strut end Lift Kit, comes with new KYB struts which have had the lower flanges removed and sleaved with this lower strut body lift, has new front A-Arm Transverse mount which brings wheel center forward about 1" which allows for bigger tires to clear body, has new rear Trailing Arm bracket Substitution which brings trailing arm front mount up and back which moves the wheel center back a bit under suspension compression to allow more room against door for big tires,  fits 1990-1999 Legacy/Outback 1997-2008 Forester 1992-2007 Impreza, drops engine, transaxle, rear diff and rear framework 4", strut extensions and rear trailing arms 6", car pictured has 31" tires, struts will clear 40" tires (body will not) { steering lower double u-joint coupler must be  lengthened (not offered by SJRLIFT )},  specify car year & model when ordering


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