0 9" Lift Kit EA82

ea82 8 lk
ea82 9 sjr walker
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9" Lift Kit EA82: all steel parts ,requires no modification to suspension parts, this lift keeps engine and stock tranny in stock location, comes with 2nd moter mount and front diff mounts,you will need a 2nd rear diff for up front  for the front diff( yes it works its like Legos )and also you will need a 2nd transfercase  like a Nissan 720 or similar,you will also need custom drivelines and a  way to mount up the transfercase , steering shaft must be lengthened (not offered by SJR),this product is currently under development so if you order allow 5 weeks to fill order, this is a bolt in kit but I highly recomend you weld all the parts together with steel tubing to create more strength and also give the transfercase a place to mount up to , with this mod you wont need to buy a Toyota


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